Saturday nights event was awesome! DJ Chrispo (Studio 66) spun amazing psychedelic tracks to warm up the happy hour crowd.

Solomon Georgio had the audience cracking up with a disturbingly hilarious and honest stand up set. Origami Ghosts gentle picking and adorable accordion player charmed the early-goers, while Exohxo brought the melodic and symphonic cacophony to Woodshed studio with their 7-piece band.They will be playing June 12th in their Speaker Speaker form during the NFTN festival.

Erik Blood’s 8-member rock and pop tour de force drenched us in lush guitars and hooky melodies. They were a veritable Seattle super-band fronted by the sweet and intoxicating vocals of their talented and charismatic front man.

Finally, Truckasauras played a bass-laden electronic set that inspired more than a few crowd booties to begin shaking even as the early hours of the morning cam and passed. But the crowd wanted more. And Truckasauras relented and played an 8-bit version of the Airwolf theme song backed by the appropriate 80’s TV visuals. DJ Ete finished off the night with a short set of Garage Rock a well-worn crowd.

The Folks form Transitional Resources were in the audience to get a sampling of the festival to come. After Origami Ghosts, the NFTN board, (Rich Green, Jeff Henry, Mamma Casserole and Megan Kagel) graced the stage to officially announce Transitional Resources as the 2009 Festival beneficiary.

We would like to thank our NFTN bartenders: Peter Morse(Mission), Robbie Riley(B&O Espresso), Stephen Berg(The Crescent) and Alex Austin(The Hideout). They filled the crowd with some really cool special drinks and charmed the pants(literally) of the NFTN crowd.

Finally, thanks to all of the NFTN volunteers. It was a super long night and the pulled through and performed amazingly. We couldn’t have pulled it off without you!



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  1. thank you pal! this is so cool!! yea!!!

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